A Month of Margot

30 Apr

This past Saturday, Margot turned one month old! She is starting to feel less like a newborn these days, less fragile and more interactive. I have spent the last week or two wondering if she’s been smiling *at* me or just coincidentally smiling, but I’m not wondering anymore. She smiles for long stretches, open-mouthed and wide-eyed at silly songs her papa sings, whistling from her mama, and as Dr. Sears says, “a general feeling of rightness.” It’s incredibly gratifying.

Stuff Margot’s into at the moment:

-The black and white pages of her new “Hippopposites” book. I wanted to get her something high contrast to look at after seeing how interested my friend’s baby was in his animal flashcards, but the “high contrast” labelled books at Barnes&Noble were pretty awful, and useless once she’s past this stage. Instead I found this clever, graphic book I wouldn’t mind reading over and over, with a couple pages just right for the stage she’s at now:

-Her Moby wrap! A kind neighbor gave me this hand-me-down (thanks Laura!) and we’ve been used it nearly every day since we got it a few weeks ago. I’d read reviews that the Moby is difficult to get on, but this wrap is the “Moby D” style, which I’ve read is shorter and I’m able to get us set up in it fairly quickly, so I wonder if this style is easier to tie. We go for walks outside with it or I wear it to take her shopping. She definitely loves napping in it but she spends a lot of time looking around in it, too- which thrills me when we are walking outside since it’s so lovely out right now, I’m so happy she’s able to see and enjoy the scenery.

-Her swing, oh man, the swing. I didn’t start out with any bouncers, play gyms, swings, or baby seats, because I figured I’d hold my baby, wear my baby, or set her in her crib for naps. We have had no trouble with the first two things but for about 48 hours straight, Margot declined to be set down, ever. I had to let her cry while I quick ran to the bathroom, and that’s just no way to live, so Josh convinced me to just find the best reviewed swing on amazon and give it a try. The first night we assembled it, we declared it to be magical, and we’ve all been living happily ever after since. Margot likes to be moving pretty much all of the time and this thing fills in when we’re worn out, it’s pretty great.

-Arms up sleeping. She had her hands up by her head in her ultrasound photos, on her face while she was being delivered, and true to form she sleeps with her arms up by her head every time. We swaddled her for the first few weeks but eventually I gave up because she wriggled both arms out each time no matter how tightly she was wrapped. She knows what she wants.

There’s a pile of clothes accumulating on her dresser that are already too small (including that onesie in the photo above), can you believe it?


3 Responses to “A Month of Margot”

  1. Sabrina May 3, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Omg the swing! We had the same one, and it truly was a LIFESAVER! Ev was a constant movement baby… The swing was my god-send. Good luck!

    • abbynittle May 3, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

      Thanks! It should be automatically added to everyone’s registry, I think. I don’t think we would be eating anything but cereal and I’d probably have a bladder infection if we still didn’t have one, haha. How long did Evelynn use it for?

      • Sabrina May 26, 2013 at 12:41 am #

        I started to phase it out around 6 months… I think it officially left the living room around 8 months. I have had friends still use theirs close to 10-12 months!

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