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16 weeks

17 Jul

Margot is taking a nap for longer than 15 minutes so I thought I’d try to get some new photos of her on the blog. She has been a little more clingy than usual, or maybe she is clingy and her behavior before was unusual? How can you know these things about such a new person? Anyways, although other areas of my life haven’t been getting enough attention, Margot’s been getting plenty, and that’s not really a complaint, actually.


One area of personal growth I’d like to tackle is my photography knowledge and skills. Josh has such a nice camera and I’m so intimidated by it, but I’m the one who gets to hang out with Margot when the natural light in the house is at it’s best so I’d better figure it out!


Margot has gone from “who”-ing at us, when prompted, to “who”-ing, unprompted, to babbling at us, then family, then nearby children or animals, and will now blow raspberries back at us. It’s so amazing to see her grow so quickly. Part of me already wishes all she could do was “who”, cause she’s totally moved on and rarely does it anymore, and part of me is ready to skip straight to the talking. I guess that’s just the age old dilemma of being a parent- “Grow up! You can do it!”…then, “Ah! Stop growing up so fast!”


Margot is also sweeping things towards her mouth, she has a small blanket crocheted for her by my best friend’s grandmother Alice that is the perfect size for her swing or carseat, and she often falls asleep with it up by her face. She’s grabbing toys, somewhat, although I can’t say I offer then as much as I probably should. We do have quite a collection of board books that we read every day. I hit the jackpot and found some great books at the new Ollie’s in Richmond, and I think we’re both happy to have some new ones.


Margot is, for the most part, unabashedly friendly. My grandma says she must have my “sunny disposition” – a phrase that always makes me smile. Margot will smile back at old ladies in the grocery store, the tall man at church with the deep, gravelly voice, and pretty much anyone who stops to say hello. It’s very sweet. My mom once told me the story of a family of siblings who lost their mother, and at her funeral they all revealed they each thought they were the favorite. My mom loved how sweet it was for each kid to think they were the most special to their mom. I sort of see that trait in Margot, she can make everyone feel special.IMG_9958

My favorite moments lately are laying in the hammock with her, watching her watch the hummingbirds at the feeder, her babbling back at me or to me, to get my attention, her arm-flapping, leg-kicking, squealing excitement, and her earnest concentration and delight when her dad waves “hi” to her. I guess I don’t mind if she keeps growing up after all.