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Six Months!

14 Oct

Margot turned SIX months old a little while ago, and we tried to document her growth with a photoshoot that started great but ended quickly…



So instead of a 6 month photoshoot, here’s a couple things she’s been up to:

Sitting up nice and sturdy, with only an occasional tilt and fall sideways (note the pillows…)


Bananas! (And apples, pears, sweet potatoes and avocado!)




So far, she’s never met a food she didn’t like.



I think it’s just the texture that throws her off every now and then…


Thumbsucking, which I am hoping will be a source of comfort to this light sleeper:


And then there’s, ya know, the usual… being charming, friendly, dimpled, enjoyable and great company, pretty much all the time:




How I Spent My Summer Vacation

14 Oct

(A.K.A. I haven’t posted here in so long!)

I finally organized and uploaded some photos so here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to:

The horse we let our neighbor keep in our pasture had a surprise baby:


Josh cooked a romantic, surprise anniversary dinner that Margot just couldn’t bear to miss.




We took Margot on her first serious (11 hour!) road trip to visit family in PA, and then had a short vacation at the Jersey Shore.



She met her only girl cousin, and I am thrilled she has a cousin to be friends with just like I did :).


Margot is a real natural in the water, just like her mom:


But seriously, she did love the boat, just like her mom:


Then we spent a night in Louisville and in true Josh Nittle vacation style, jammed a ton of fun stuff into a short period of time, including:

-The Louisville Slugger factory:






A surprise glass working class Josh set up for me at Flame Run:



And a fun evening at the Louisville Science Center:


Complete with a colorful, mesmerizing imax documentary on Monarch Butterflies.


All in all, a great, fun summer with my sweet little family. Man it’s good to be home.



7 Aug

About 9 o’clock at night, when I’m pretty ready to put Margot to bed, she turns on the charm and pulls out all the stops.

16 weeks

17 Jul

Margot is taking a nap for longer than 15 minutes so I thought I’d try to get some new photos of her on the blog. She has been a little more clingy than usual, or maybe she is clingy and her behavior before was unusual? How can you know these things about such a new person? Anyways, although other areas of my life haven’t been getting enough attention, Margot’s been getting plenty, and that’s not really a complaint, actually.


One area of personal growth I’d like to tackle is my photography knowledge and skills. Josh has such a nice camera and I’m so intimidated by it, but I’m the one who gets to hang out with Margot when the natural light in the house is at it’s best so I’d better figure it out!


Margot has gone from “who”-ing at us, when prompted, to “who”-ing, unprompted, to babbling at us, then family, then nearby children or animals, and will now blow raspberries back at us. It’s so amazing to see her grow so quickly. Part of me already wishes all she could do was “who”, cause she’s totally moved on and rarely does it anymore, and part of me is ready to skip straight to the talking. I guess that’s just the age old dilemma of being a parent- “Grow up! You can do it!”…then, “Ah! Stop growing up so fast!”


Margot is also sweeping things towards her mouth, she has a small blanket crocheted for her by my best friend’s grandmother Alice that is the perfect size for her swing or carseat, and she often falls asleep with it up by her face. She’s grabbing toys, somewhat, although I can’t say I offer then as much as I probably should. We do have quite a collection of board books that we read every day. I hit the jackpot and found some great books at the new Ollie’s in Richmond, and I think we’re both happy to have some new ones.


Margot is, for the most part, unabashedly friendly. My grandma says she must have my “sunny disposition” – a phrase that always makes me smile. Margot will smile back at old ladies in the grocery store, the tall man at church with the deep, gravelly voice, and pretty much anyone who stops to say hello. It’s very sweet. My mom once told me the story of a family of siblings who lost their mother, and at her funeral they all revealed they each thought they were the favorite. My mom loved how sweet it was for each kid to think they were the most special to their mom. I sort of see that trait in Margot, she can make everyone feel special.IMG_9958

My favorite moments lately are laying in the hammock with her, watching her watch the hummingbirds at the feeder, her babbling back at me or to me, to get my attention, her arm-flapping, leg-kicking, squealing excitement, and her earnest concentration and delight when her dad waves “hi” to her. I guess I don’t mind if she keeps growing up after all.


Eight Weeks

22 May


Margot is delightful at eight weeks, she gets more and more fun by the day. Twice she’s gone from whining in her swing to smiling when I appear to pick her up, it’s disarmingly charming. She’s been wanting to be held more than normal but we go on so many adventures (The Great Salt Petre Cave! An entire day in Lexington!) I don’t really mind having some down time together at home.


We’ve made the switch from disposable to cloth diapers and aside from an extra load of laundry every 2 days, it’s been a pretty smooth transition.

This photo’s an “oldie” (she was just one month!) but it was Margot’s first time in gingham and her dorky mom’s first time trying to match with her.



A Month of Margot

30 Apr

This past Saturday, Margot turned one month old! She is starting to feel less like a newborn these days, less fragile and more interactive. I have spent the last week or two wondering if she’s been smiling *at* me or just coincidentally smiling, but I’m not wondering anymore. She smiles for long stretches, open-mouthed and wide-eyed at silly songs her papa sings, whistling from her mama, and as Dr. Sears says, “a general feeling of rightness.” It’s incredibly gratifying.

Stuff Margot’s into at the moment:

-The black and white pages of her new “Hippopposites” book. I wanted to get her something high contrast to look at after seeing how interested my friend’s baby was in his animal flashcards, but the “high contrast” labelled books at Barnes&Noble were pretty awful, and useless once she’s past this stage. Instead I found this clever, graphic book I wouldn’t mind reading over and over, with a couple pages just right for the stage she’s at now:

-Her Moby wrap! A kind neighbor gave me this hand-me-down (thanks Laura!) and we’ve been used it nearly every day since we got it a few weeks ago. I’d read reviews that the Moby is difficult to get on, but this wrap is the “Moby D” style, which I’ve read is shorter and I’m able to get us set up in it fairly quickly, so I wonder if this style is easier to tie. We go for walks outside with it or I wear it to take her shopping. She definitely loves napping in it but she spends a lot of time looking around in it, too- which thrills me when we are walking outside since it’s so lovely out right now, I’m so happy she’s able to see and enjoy the scenery.

-Her swing, oh man, the swing. I didn’t start out with any bouncers, play gyms, swings, or baby seats, because I figured I’d hold my baby, wear my baby, or set her in her crib for naps. We have had no trouble with the first two things but for about 48 hours straight, Margot declined to be set down, ever. I had to let her cry while I quick ran to the bathroom, and that’s just no way to live, so Josh convinced me to just find the best reviewed swing on amazon and give it a try. The first night we assembled it, we declared it to be magical, and we’ve all been living happily ever after since. Margot likes to be moving pretty much all of the time and this thing fills in when we’re worn out, it’s pretty great.

-Arms up sleeping. She had her hands up by her head in her ultrasound photos, on her face while she was being delivered, and true to form she sleeps with her arms up by her head every time. We swaddled her for the first few weeks but eventually I gave up because she wriggled both arms out each time no matter how tightly she was wrapped. She knows what she wants.

There’s a pile of clothes accumulating on her dresser that are already too small (including that onesie in the photo above), can you believe it?


She’s Here!

3 Apr

She's Here!

And already a week old! So proud and in love- Margot Juliette Nittle, 8 lbs., 6 oz.
I stole this photo from her papa, who set up a lovely blog for her. I’m trying to put her beautiful birth story together for a post, but I have a tiny, time-consuming distraction so I don’t know when it will be up. Check Josh’s blog in the meantime!