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Mamas and Babies

6 Mar

Since moving to Kentucky, I’ve made so many great, new friends (something I didn’t even plan on, since moving closer to my sisters is such a gift!). My sister Katie hosts a knitting night every week and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the group of women who attend and seeing all their projects over time. Two of the ladies in this group were also expecting (one baby is now here!) when I started coming, so I’ve had the chance to make some baby gifts this year.


Photo from Busch Gardens (via)


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Both projects were started dangerously close to their deadlines (baby showers), and I worked on them feverishly secretly thinking they might not turn out. Freehand stitching is so rewarding but the drawback is that I’m never sure if I’ll be happy with the final product until the stitching is complete. Sometimes it takes many different approaches till I’m happy with how a part of the piece looks. I’m learning different techniques to add depth and texture, but since I’ve really never stitched the same thing twice, once I’ve solved a problem I’m on to the next part or project and I have to figure out a whole new solution. Fortunately I was able to complete both embroideries in time and was pretty pleased with how they turned out.  Now I’m devoting my time to the many projects I have in the works for my own baby, who’s well on her way with her own mysterious deadline (but as my birthing class has taught me and I like to remind myself, she’ll come on her birthday, when she’s ready, and I will be lovingly patient in the meantime!).